Cognitive- Panel 1 2015.jpg

Cognitive: Panel One- 2015

Acrylic on Canvas and Acrylic Sheeting, 24"x 52"

Shown here at the "Color me Happy" show at Studio Be in Nashville, TN

This was a show benefitting Alzheimers research, so I painted to the songs I felt would stay within my memory, ones i could hear and see in my mind. This was my first painting incorporating the Acrylic, clear sheets to give dimension and separation to the levels I always work with in my pieces. The background layer is the kaleidoscope, a feature many Alzheimers patients respond to and paint in their own works. The puzzle sections, floating, breaking apart. Sort of a fracturing of memories, and the bright green of the top layer, a safe color that patients can recall as peaceful and calming. It was an intense experience, and the music i listened to will always be there for me long after the record stops spinning. 


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Cognitive- Panel 1 2015.jpg