"The Sight of Sound", The Refinery, Nashville, TN
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"The Sight of Sound", The Refinery, Nashville, TN

While taking an abstract drawing/painting class in college, I started to explore visual and emotional connections between painting and music. How the different sounds and styles of musical creativity affected the way I painted. The professor noticed a style and expression that was unique in my work, and encouraged me to pursue painting in a graduate program, to help foster and grow the ideas that were starting to bloom. Confident in a budding film career, I shrugged off the inner passion to paint. That was 25 years ago.


Since that time, and through many career changes, I’ve always found myself painting. It’s now a lifelong pursuit of conveying the structure, color, and soul of the music I paint. Using acrylic, foam core, and canvas, my belief was that a song, album, or style of music could be brought to a visual medium, and could be felt and understood. As my experimentation and pursuit of how music makes me feel has changed, so has the way in which I’ve presented it. With acrylic, canvas, and layers of acrylic sheeting, I am not only able to set the tone and visual of the painting, I can now add dimension and depth to the pieces, furthering my delve into bringing a tangible conception to a sonic world.


Along with my dedicated studio work, I have taken my professors advice those many years ago, and have applied for my masters degree in painting, and have become immersed in my life’s true passion.


Please join me on August 5th at the Refinery on Houston Street in Nashville TN, as I will be showing my most recent works, as well as an interactive painting i hope you will participate in!

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